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The Void Studios S/A has been growing in the market starting from a common desire of five people, develop high-quality and fun games. Located in São Paulo, we have a team that seeks to innovate and bring new experiences for each type of player, maintaining a standard of high quality and technology, we work day to day to develop the best games and bring lots of fun. Partners of leading companies in the market such as Sony and Microsoft, we offer our games to the most varied audience such as PC gamers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS users and each day we seek more.






Back in a remote past when the first elves reached the Reign of Alfheim, a heavenly and glorious power struck down upon them. The Holy Goddess Marea gave them four unicorns, the legendary animals had become a part of the elves. They would suffer as well when something bad happened to them. It was an incredible and unimaginable power passing down through generations.

 One night, the Unicorns were suddenly taken away by witchcraft and for the first time in that era the elves feared for their immortality. Miraculously, one of the Unicorns had survived. He had been found by the Fairies, cursed by witchcraft and with a damaged horn.

The elves, afraid of the cursem handed him over to a pure young Elf, whom, according to the elderly scrolls, would be the only one able to touch the Unicorn and free him and the elves from the curse. And that is how the pursuit of Eternity began.




  • Fixed-camera third person action game with puzzles and RPG elements;
  • Single player with two playable characters;
  • Arena mode (test your skills against enemies and giant bosses);
  • More than 8 hours of gameplay;
  • Game based on Nordic mithology;
  • Upgrade your weapon and acquire new skills;
  • Stunning enviroment and original artwork.


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