Eternity The Last Unicorn (EN)

Eternity – The Last Unicorn was inspired by tales from Norse Mythology and the mechanics of classic games.
We use a fixed camera system that used to be commonly present in games and nowadays is only in a few titles.
This system provides players with the feeling of going back in time and playing titles such as Onimusha and Resident Evil.
For those who love Norse Mythology, the story will be a very valuable part of the game which has references
to it as well in its environment, and the ones who don’t know it yet will be able to experience something new and unique.




Back in a remote past when the first elves reached the Reign of Alfheim, a heavenly and glorious power struck down upon them. The Holy Goddess Marea gave them four unicorns, the legendary animals  had become a part of the elves. They would suffer as well when something bad happened to them. It was an incredible and unimaginable power passing down through generations.

 One night, the Unicorns were suddenly taken away by witchcraft and for the first time in that era the elves feared for their immortality. Miraculously, one of the Unicorns had survived. He had been found by the Fairies, cursed by witchcraft and with a damaged horn. 

The elves, afraid of the cursem handed him over to a pure young Elf, whom, according to the elderly scrolls, would be the only one able to touch the Unicorn and free him and the elves from the curse. And that is how the pursuit of Eternity began.

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